Thursday, April 14, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday- Easter Baskets!!

This week's topic for Toddler Talk Thursday is what is in your child's Easter Basket. Belle is still too young for a basket full of chocolate and candy. So we have to get creative. So far I have only picked up a few things, sidewalk chalk in the shape of eggs, a new board book, and Minnie Mouse sunglasses I got from the Disney Store when they had free shipping.
The Hubs and I have come up with lots of ideas for the rest of the basket but can't really decide. She loves coloring so I think we are definitely going to pick up some crayons and some coloring books for her. Then we were thinking about the Tangled DVD or maybe a new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD. Then we stopped at Build A Bear last week when we were at the mall. For the first time she kinda got it. Wanted the stuffed animals and actually showed some excitement in there. So we thought about buying the skin and then taking her at a later date to stuff it.
I really want to get some type of toy for her. We haven't picked up anything new for since Christmas, and honestly I am getting bored with her toys. She loves the freeze dried apples so we will pick up a package of those too.

Belle's First Easter Basket. I completely forgot to take
a picture of just the basket last year.

Last year we didn't put much in her basket, a Mickey Mouse DVD, some new links, a book, and we bought her Violet last year which she loved and has recently rediscovered her. I still have a little over a week to figure it out, and yes I will be that mom that is out shopping for Easter Basket stuff the Friday before.


  1. She will love her basket I am sure! Some great ideas. I want the Tangled dvd in my Easter basket lol.

  2. Cute baby! Build-a-bear was always a favorite at my house.

  3. I am usually the mom that is out the night before too! lol I am not sure why I am a little more on the ball for this year.
    A Tangled DVD seems like a fun idea, I know I really want to see it:)

  4. Get Tangled! Such a good move, have you seen it yet?

    Love the pic from last year!


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