Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Party!

This past Saturday we attended a children's Easter Party. It was similar to the Christmas party we attended in December but The Hubs and I both felt that this one was much better. The kids had more to do and the entertainment was better as well.
My mom was in charge of the craft for the kids to put together. She had decided on having the kids make bunny ears. They turned out really cute. She cut out strips of poster board to be the band and then foam ears in white and a few shades of brown. Plus different shades of pink foam and felt for the inside of the ears. Then she bought markers and foam sticker pieces to decorate the ears with. They all turned out really cute and the kids loved them.

There was a coloring contest which was perfect since my little artist loves coloring right now. During the Magic show Belle and I sat at the table and colored. It helped keep her busy and quiet while all the kids watched the show. There were also Easter oriented games and prizes for all the kids.
We took Belle on her first Easter egg hunt for this year. She has two more this coming weekend. They use to do it by age group but this year they took groups of 6 and each child was able to find one egg. All of the eggs were filled with candy but three of them had a little chick hiding in them.

Belle wasn't sure what she was supposed to do. Since it was raining out they moved the hunt inside in a separate room from the party. We were last in line so by the time we got in the room all the older kids had already found eggs. We found a green one that was eye level with Belle but getting her to look in that direction was a little tough. She kept getting distracted by everything else around her.

We moved the egg a little so she could easily spot it (we were the only ones left in our group at this point). Once we did she found it immediately. After the egg hunt they had everyone open their eggs at the same time. Belle had a little chick hiding in her egg! She won a huge chocolate bunny. I think it is bigger than she is! We also received tickets when we checked in and Belle's number was called. She won a stuffed lamb.

At the end of the party they brought out the Easter Bunny. Like at Christmas we waited until the end and went up to see the bunny. Belle did not like the bunny. We tried a couple times and got her to give him at least a high five. As we were walking away she waved and said bye to him, and then blew the Easter Bunny a kiss. Now if you ask her if she liked the Easter Bunny and if she sat on his lap she says yes. What a little liar she is!

She had a great time at the party and ended up coming home with a ton of great prizes and some good candy for mommy and daddy!

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