Monday, April 11, 2011

Soaking in the Sun!

The spring weather has finally come our way. So this past weekend we soaked in the sunshine and the 70 degree weather as much as we could. We played with Belle's car, went for walks, played in a Snow White play house and went to the play ground. And we had the best time having daddy home with us all weekend.

The Hubs recently got a new job at a different bank doing the same thing and getting paid ALOT more. Which means so much for our family. We can finally get caught up on bills. The Hubs no longer has to work two jobs. And we can start saving (again) for a down payment on our first house.

So this weekend was a wonderful weekend having daddy home and to be outside playing with us in this beautiful weather and to have bedtime snuggles with.

And a very happy birthday  to my big brother today!!!

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