Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday - My Purse

This weeks Top 10 Tuesday is the 10 things you carry with you. I decided to show my purse and my "bag" and some items from the diaper bag that really is carried with us every day still. I have a bag that I carry with me to work each day. I learned by doing this that I need a new purse. Mostly because it is old and the straps are cracking. I am pushing my luck with this purse. Second it is small. I need a larger (but not much larger) purse so for quick outings I can throw a couple diapers in my bag. Maybe a sippy and some snacks. It is impossible with the purse I have now to even think about slipping a diaper in it.

With out further ado, here is what I carry with me each day. But first, this is my tiny purse that I use every day.

10) My wallet. Everyone carries a wallet with them every day. Not much to say about this item but for the fact that it takes up about 90% of my purse.

9) My cell phone. I can not live without my cell phone. I use it every day solely for the purpose that I can get on The Bugs cameras from it and watch Belle playing any time during the day. My office has any time of video feed blocked.

8) Compact. I can say that I may use it only a couple times a month. That is how much I use it yet I will not take it out of my purse.

7) Chapsticks. I am obsessed with chapstick. Especially this time of year my lips get really chapped. I have three in my purse plus my lip gloss. I have two on my desk at work, two in the diaper bag, one on my nightstand, and a countless amount in the medicine cabinet. I do not leave the house with out them.

6) Nail file. I don't use it every day but it never fails, when I don't have it that is when I need it. So I have two in my purse. One is actually in my wallet. So I always have one.

5) My iPod. I can not live at work with out this. It is a necessity. We no longer have private cubicles but desks that they call pods and there are four of us to a pod with another pod of four connected. It actually gets loud in our office now. I am thankful every day that they let us listen to our iPods.

4) My planner. Basically my life is in this. I have to have it with my every day. Between doctor's appointments, work schedules, meetings, and activities our lives are packed. I need this.

3) My Notebooks. My blog notebook has more ideas and nonsense written in it. The other notebook and file folder is all Disney junk. Seriously planning a Disney vacation is hard work. Even more work now that we are taking our toddler. It means a lot of planning.

3, 2, 1 and then some) Our must have diaper bag items. Diapers, wipes, boogie wipes, snacks, burp cloth, and soothie clip. There should be a sippy in this picture, but I admit I was too lazy to go grab one. Also in our diaper bag is a change of clothes, diaper cream, toys, and more. This is why I need a bigger purse. So I can throw the below items into in and not carry my purse and/or a diaper bag.

My diaper bag.

If you want to see how much I actually carry in our diaper bag every single day go here. You will be amazed at what I can fit in my bag.

Sippy Cup Mom

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  1. Hi Belle, that's an awful lot of stuff. I only carry my diaper bag now because I get confused, lol.

    I'm your newest follower from the Tuesday Chickadee hop.


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