Thursday, February 17, 2011

Toddler Talk Thursday - Spring Activites

I was so happy to see that this weeks topic for Toddler Talk Thursday was about your favorite outdoor activity. While we are still months away from being able to go outside and play, I fully have spring fever. It has been a bitter winter here. We were hit with a huge storm early December. While our house was hit with 4 feet of snow, my parents about 15 minutes from us had maybe an inch or two. You could still see their grass. Gotta love lake effect.

After the storm we were hit with a couple more good snow falls and then it got cold. Bitter cold. And just didn't let up. For weeks we sat in the teens and single digits. Freezing our butts off. Add in the wind chill and it was brutal. Standing downtown waiting to cross the street was a nightmare. The wind coming off the lake right there was painful and took your breath away making it hard to breathe. It's only mid February and I am done with winter. I am done being cold. I am done with the winter jackets and mittens and hats. It;s been so cold that Belle was only able to use her snow suit twice this year. This is an item that should have been used a bunch of times by now, especially in this area.

Spring fever has hit me early this year. It's usually March when I get my urges to do our outdoor activities. I liked getting my Spring fever in March, spring really was just around the corner. Hitting this early, I feel like it will be forever before spring gets here. We still have a good month and half until we can go outside. We still have a ton of snow which has really turned to ice with how cold it is. And it's not pretty white snow anymore. Its black and dirty and just plain gross looking. I hate this time of year. It's cold, and ugly, and people are cranky with winter.

Ok, enough with my rambling about being done with winter. One of my favorite outdoor activities that I can not wait to do with Belle again are going for walks after dinner. When it was just Belle and I, and we were going though our not sleeping phase, I would load her into the stroller, laying down, give her bunny, put on my iPod and we would be off. I tried to find routes that would keep us out as long as possible. Walking is my only form of exercise these days. Another reason I need spring to get here. I love when the three of us went for our walks. Belle enjoys her ride and loves looking at everything. The Hubs and I chat and catch up on each others days. I love it.

My other favorite is taking Belle to the playground. She loves the swings. Loves them. We had a few incidents where she threw up after being on them but by the end of summer she was loving them. I had the urge earlier this week to take her to the school playground in our neighborhood. When we drove by it on our way home I had to see that it is still buried under snow. It's depressing.

Belle wasn't walking and just learned how to crawl in July of last summer. So this year should be interesting. We can go out side and play and she got some new outdoor ride on toys for Christmas. I can't wait to be able to go outside and enjoy the nice weather.

We are having a "heat wave" this week. It's going to be in the 50's today and tomorrow. But, we still have a lot of snow and it's going to get back in the 30's next week.

Spring...where are you?


  1. I know just how you feel about the horrible winter weather. We are being blessed this week with the temps getting into the 60'S! Little Bit and I are hitting the park today and tomorrow before we are back to typical 30's next week. Soon spring will be here :D I hope you get out a little. It sounds like you need it. Hugs!!!

    You can read my Toddler Talk post here:

  2. I hate how it goes back and forth like that! It takes until May for it to be consistent, it seems. :(

    She looks precious in that swing and SO excited!


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