Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nursery Confession

This weeks Toddler Talk Thursday is about switching to a toddler bed. Since Belle is only 16 months and no where near ready to switch to her toddler bed yet, I thought I would post a confession about Belle's room. And I am hoping you have some good tips for a toddler room.


Confession, the room I obsessed over the entire time I was pregnant, we never finished. Belle's room is butterflies which are pink and brown. Pink walls and black furniture. We simply ran out of time. The room was painted, the furniture was put together, and the crib was ready. But we had nothing on the walls. We thought we still had three weeks to get stuff for the walls. We had the letters for her name painted and ready to go. I think Belle was home for a week when I finally got The Hubs to hang them. And that's it nothing else has been hung up.

The letters are not crooked, its just my bad camera skills. Oh and
in both pictures it's the same wall color. Not sure why they look like different colors.

Within the last week I have gotten the urge to put together her "big girl" room. She's still in her crib and not ready for the toddler bed yet and were not going to change the furniture but I would like to get some stuff up on the walls and get some of the baby stuff out. Like umm, her infant seat that is sitting in the corner. Yeah, we have no other place to store it for now.

I found a really awesome idea/tutorial on how to make your own wall clings from digital scrapbooking designs. Only I can't find anything that will match her room. One reason I picked the bedding I did was because it's not babyish. It will grow with her. So I don't want to change the theme of her room. I love it and it fits her really well.

One of the butterflies on Belle's bedding.

Belle's bedding. This was taken before she was here.

I also have an idea to buy some canvases and let Belle go to town on them with some pinks and browns and cream colors. Then when they are dried I was thinking of modge podging some butterflies on them and hanging them with the same ribbon as her letters. I really like this idea because she will be able to create something for her room by herself.

I need something on the walls, I hate how plain they are. I would also love to get some shelves up in her room. I have two American Girl dolls from when I was a kid that I pulled out and cleaned up when I was pregnant. Right now they are sitting in the corner next to the infant seat. I would love to put them up on a shelf along with her Precious Moments.

Here are some pictures of her room and the blank walls. It looks so sad.

Abover her changer. Across from her crib.
And we obviously need something to cover our bad paint touch up job. opps.

Above her little cubby organizer thing. The door is to the left.

The small wall next to the closet. The crib is to the right of the closet.
I want to put shelves on the small wall.

The wall looking into her room. The only window in her room as well.
The changer is on the wall to the right.

The other side of the window by the crib. Don't mind the TV tray table. It's
the only way we could have her humidifier and monitor near her.

Any ideas would be much appreciated. I really like the idea of the canvases and letting Belle paint them herself. I think it is art work she will love to have in her room for years to come as well. I would probably hang them above the cubby/organizer and I am thinking I would do two or three of them. I have had a few different ideas for above the changer but have never done anything. I was thinking a vinyl wall cling and then thought about hanging her quilt above it. But I don't want anything that she can pull on.
And a side note, these pictures made me realize I really need to get her some real curtains.


  1. We did pink and brown for my daughters room too. It was really cute but we just moved and her new room was already done for boys. It a firetruck room which is cute and I hate to change it but I want to make it more girly!

    I love the idea of the canvases! I just might do that too! And I'd love the tutorial on how to make your own wall clings from digital scrapbooking designs. I didn't even know that was possible!!!

  2. I really love the idea of the canvases and letting her paint! How creative I think that would be great!! I love her bedding also. My little mans nursery is in jungle animals and I love it. I want to make him a big boy room but I do soo love the nursery I worked so hard on lol.


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