Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Love Weekends

Despite having a sick girl we had a really good weekend. Friday afternoon I thought for sure our weekend was doomed when I was leaving work an hour early to take Belle to the doctors for a sick visit. Our second in two weeks time. Belle has her first ear infection and has bronchiolitis. Which I started to suspect she had on Wednesday when she was wheezing and we learned another baby at school had it. But, her wheezing stopped and she had just normal cold symptoms. I should have just called on Wednesday. But she is doing very well and takes her medicine no problem.

On Saturday we have a birthday party for my cousin's daughter. I was worried taking Belle with being sick and how she was going to behave. I was worried about her being cranky and crying the entire time. Not being able to calm her and that she wouldn't eat anything which would add to the crankyness (is that a word, hmm, is now). Plus The Hubs had to work so he wasn't going with us. Saturday morning she did great. Was happy and playing and actually had her appetite back. So I decided that we would still go. My mom met me at my house since I live about five minutes from my aunts house.

The diaper bag was ready, I had diapers a change of clothes. Her sippy and a snack in case she was going to be picky. The gift was wrapped. Belle napped and let me take a shower. She was dressed and had the cutest pigtails. We were ready to go. I walked out the door, down the front steps and stopped. I locked myself out. Crap. My mom didn't have a car seat in her truck. Crap. I don't know how to get the car seat in my moms truck since The Hubs had problems with it the last time. Crap. Thankfully my neighbors across the street were home and he came out to help get the car seat in. I can not believe I did that.

The birthday party was good. And my girl that I was worried about being cranky and being the child everyone prays doesn't come. Yeah, she wasn't there. I had the most well behaved child who charmed everyone at the party. She played quietly and stayed out of trouble. She ate very well and only cried when she wanted the cake that was sitting in front of her waiting to be cut. My cousin has two girls, the birthday girl who turned eight and a toddler who is five months older then Belle. Belle was ready to play with the toddler, the toddler did not want to play with Belle or share her toys. My poor little girl had her feelings hurt I think. When the toddler didn't want to play with her and pushed her down, she looked at her like "why?" and then cried. Belle spent most of the party playing with the magnets on the fridge. The toddler would come over and play a couple times and then realize Belle was playing with her toys and tell her no. At one point Belle was sitting on the floor in front of the fridge. I looked over to see how she was doing and she looked at me gave me the sad face and a whine of mommy I need you. The toddler was kicking her.

Now, let me tell you the toddler is not a bad child. And she was told no and disciplined each time she hit Belle. She's not in day care or around other children a lot. She is not use to having to share or play with other little kids. I just have a sensitive child. Trust me, the dog at the party got yelled at and my child cried. She's sensitive.

She was happy, I never had to yell at her or tell her to stop. She smiled at everyone and chatted with anyone who would listen. She would wander off to play with the big kids who played wonderfully with her. She left my side. She didn't cling to me. I was so proud of her. She was a perfect angel even with a nasty ear infection and bronchiolitis.

On Sunday, we did nothing. We stayed home all day and played in our PJs. The Hubs and I spent the afternoon playing with Belle in her play area. We built towers with her blocks, read books, played 52 card pick up with the extra Valentine's she had. We played with her little people and had a picnic. She watched our neighbor shovel outside the window. It was perfect. You could not plan a more perfect Sunday then the three of us curled up on her play mat playing. With Belle bouncing back and forth between or laps. I couldn't imagine a better Sunday.

Then of course the Grammy's distracted me from my laundry and at 10 Sunday night I realized I still had two more loads of laundry that needed to be done.

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    I love them days when you just have family time in the pjs. Sometimes them are the best kind! Have a great Tuesday.

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