Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve

My department has black out weeks the last two weeks of the year. So everyone on my floor has to work on Christmas Eve. And sadly because my job is based on deadlines and reports that run I am there the entire day. Maybe if we are lucky we can leave at quarter after four. Woohoo, a whole half hour early.

Since I moved out of my parents house, every Christmas Eve we would go to my parents house. They had company over and we just hung out. This year it is just going to be my parents, us, and maybe my brother and his girlfriend. We won't be there long this year. We have a little one to get into bed for Santa to come. And I am so excited for what she is going to find under the tree when she wakes up.

We have been planning on getting her a kitchen, but we are holding off on it until January. We just don't have a place for it and the spare room is no where near becoming a play room right now.

Christmas this year, for the first year will not be full of running around and wearing ourselves out. This year we will wake up with Belle, open gifts, and have breakfast just the three of us. Later in the morning The Hubs mom is coming over to see Belle and do gifts. Then we are headed to my parents house, and this year there is no rushing to be some where else. We are staying at my parents house the entire day. I am so happy to just spend the day with my family and to take this Christmas in.

Merry Christmas to all of you. Enjoy the holiday with your families and friends.

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  1. Love the pic! I hope you get out of work early and the three of you have a great Christmas!


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