Thursday, October 28, 2010

Handprints, footprints, and Minnie Mouse?

Last night we carved Belle's pumpkin. I am so glad we only did one. It took two and a half hours. It started out great. Belle loved holding it while we got things ready. You know all the tools together and about 5 layers of newspaper on the table. The Hubs carved the top off and I dug in and cleaned it out. We gave a small piece for Belle to explore and play with.

At this point it was bed time, she was tired after not sleeping at all Tuesday night and we still had to do a bath. I was finished cleaning out the pumpkin so I stopped and got Belle in her bath. This maybe where the half hour came from.

After her bath I cleaned up some stuff around the house and got back to working on the pumpkin. After fighting for ten minutes to get the templete to lay right I was on my way. It was going great. I poked all the holes in and it actually looked like Minnie Mouse. I jumped right into carving. It was going great everything was working and looked right. I got to the end. The bottom part.

Remember how it took ten minutes to get the templete to lay right? Well how I finally got it on made some of the parts a little close then they should be. At the bottom a peice ripped from the pumpkin. It was suppose to be connected. This piece ripping made 2 other pieces rip. It's still together I some how managed to get the face semi done. I didn't completely finish the eyes. And have a paper clip stuck it holding it togther until Sunday.

I think we may skip pumpkin carving next year. On Monday we had to take a pumpkin in to school. Belle painted it. So cute. Her hand prints are the eyes and her foot print is the mouth. While painting it, she managed to get purple paint all over her other shoe. She was apparently excited. When she gets excited she kicks her feet. She now had one white and pink sneaker and one white, pink, and purple sneaker.

Tonight we are going to the mall to go trick or treating. They host an indoor trick or treating event every year. Crazy how I went one year when I was a kid and now I am taking my own kid.

And I know my blog is a mess. I really like the new background I made but I just can not figure out what is wrong with it. Any one good at HTML and willing to help out. I want the white spaces to go away and when the blog is minimized for everything to stay the same. It's even worse then. I didn't get a chance last night to work on it with the whole pumpkin thing and not sure how much I will get to do tonight. The Halloween header I made last week and is something that is actually easy to upload and get on here.

And if you missed it, I had a new post up at my Vacation home yeterday.

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  1. Yep! I'm not a huge fan of the pumpkin carving and decided that we won't be doing it until Tater catches on to the fun and asks! Am I a bad mommy? Maybe...but he'll never remember doing it anyways!


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