Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Belle and the Great Pumpkin!

This past weekend was beautiful. I have to say that it was probably our "Indian Summer". It was in the 70's, sun was out, and it was  absolutely beautiful. The keaves were at their peak here. I wish I was able to get some pictures of the trees. It was the perfect weekend to spend it doing fall family festivies. On Saturday Belle and I took a walk over to the community center in our neighborhood with her BFF across the street.
Have I ever told you about her BFF? Well our neighbors across the street had a baby girl the day before Belle was born. They are a day apart, not even. More like 14 hours apart. Instant best friends!

Any ways we walked up there on Saturday. Belle and her BFF were able to pet some goats and sheep. They were still to young to do anything else there. Belle was a little stand offish with the animals at first. I had her pet them and she was pretty good. Then my friend bought a cup of food to feed them. They all came over then. Belle was good until the kept pushing there heads at us. Belle had enough and started pushing the animals away. So that was it for the animals.

On Sunday The Hubs was off so after Belle's nap we packed up and headed to the large pumpkin farm in our area. There are rides, food, petting zoos, haunted houses, hay rides, shows, and of course pumpkins. Each weekend is a special event. This past weekend was the Pumpkin Olympics. Belle petted some goats again and got to get up close to a camel. She did really well with the goats today and even knew what to do. She reached to pet them all on her own.

We went into one of the kiddie haunted houses. Belle just sat in the stroller and took everything in. It really wasn't scary at all. Just displays of things. No people jumping out at you. We took her through the hay maze. We wanted to go on the hay ride but the line was too long and not moving. So we watched the pumpkin launcher. I should have taken a picture. They have a large launcher that looks like a canon that was shooting pumpkins into a field.

We then walked over to the pumpkins. This farm doesn't have an actual pumpkin patch but a ton of pumpkins. We found a quiet spot with no kids running around and were able to get some pictures of Belle. Of course she was facing the sun so the pictures aren't that great and I was only able to get one picture of her actually looking at the camera. For a one year old she is excellent at ignoring mommy already!

We then found some large pumpkins. Belle was tiny next to them. But of course she didn't want to cooperate on getting her picture next to them. Maybe if it wasn't so busy we could have taken our time getting pictures. It was packed.

On Monday we went to get our pumpkins from our normal place. There is a family owned Farmer's Market in our area that we go to every year. We get great pumpkins for pretty cheap and the owners are uber friendly. We will continue to go there. I also picked up some gourds as well.

Mommy, Daddy, and Belle all got pumpkins. The one right in front of Belle in the picture above is her first pumpkin ever! So cute. We picked up a couple small ones as well.

Our pumpkins on our steps.

It was a great fall weekend. I am glad that we decided to fight the crowds and go to the pumpkin farm on Sunday as it rained all day on Monday. I am glad that we had our beautiful Indian Summer weekend this past weekend as The Hubs is working all next weekend. I am so glad to have fall traditions that we have introduced Belle to. It doesn't get any better then the fall!

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