Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Way Back Wedneday

This week's topic is first dates. It could be your first date ever or the first date with the hubs. What ever first date you would care to talk about.

The Hubs and my's first date wasn't anything out of this world spectacular. We had been working togther for about 2 1/2 months at that point. When I finally realized that I liked him and started flirting and what not it didn't take long. We finally agreed on a day and time. He had a meeting that morning and I met him at the mall, on the other end of course so we didn't get caught. From there we went to lunch at Friday's I believe. Is it sad that I don't remember?

Then we went to a local park and hit the swings and walked the trails. This is when a huge dog caming running out of the creek after us. Took about another minute for the owner to come and get his dog. Not cool!

After the dog encounter we decided to drive around a bit and talk. I don't remember what we talked about. Probably work since it was what we had in common at that point.

At the end of our date he took me back to my car. We sat and talked for a little bit in his car and before I got out he leaned in and we had our first kiss.

This date was the beginning of the end for me. After that we were always texting or talking and before the end of summer I knew this was more then just a guy I was dating. I knew he was going to be so much more. I guess I was right...

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