Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Day I Made Out With A 500 Pound Sea Lion!

Yesterday the Hubs and I went to a local amusement park. Just him and I for the day. It was so nice and a much needed day. I don't remember when the last time him and I got to spend some alone time together. There isn't too much to write about the day. It was pretty uneventful...oh wait. That's right, I kissed a Sea Lion yesterday!!

Patrick in line for Superman

The park has a new Sea lion show. So the Hubs and I went to go check it out. As we were walking to our seats one of the workers asked if we wanted to be part of the show. The Hubs immediatly said yes and we were taking to a VIP section with front row seats. During the show they brought out their 500lb male sea lion named Bruce. Our job was the "watch" Bruce. The trainer asked the Hubs first. Bruce said no. He got to shake his flipper...it was more like a fist pump haha.

So then she asked Bruce if he wanted me to watch him. He said yes. And to thank me he wanted to give me a kiss. So I kissed a sea lion and got to feed him a fish too. So so cool. I smelled fish for the rest of the day but it was so cool.

Sea lion!

Bruce the sea lion that I kissed.

Ship Wreck Falls

It started to drizzle on and off in the afternoon but nothing to bad to make us leave. We went to the new splash park and rode the lazy river and played in the wave pool.


Waiting in line for MotoCoster

After playing in the water park we headed back into the theme park. We rode some more rides and hit the Ferris Wheel before we left. As soon as we were on the very top for them to load to bottom. It started pouring. Ugh! But I got some nice pictures of some of the park.

From the top of the Ferris Wheel. Barracuda Bay

Splash Town

The Viper


View from the top.

The Hubs on the way home, yup it was raining.

We had a great day! It ended with going to pick Belle up from Grandma and Grandpa's house. My parents made us spaghetti so Belle had that for the first time. Tonight were taking a walk up to the Library when the Hubs gets home and then I am back to work tomorrow.


  1. I love your title, and how your husband's picture shows up next to it in my Blog list. Too funny!

  2. I’m already following you, but wanted to say Happy Summer! Stop by my blog any old time!




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