Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Natural Born Camper!

We had a great Memoral weeked. For years my family has been going camping on Memorial weekend. My brother now has the permament spot at the campground so the tradition continues. This year was Belle's first trip to the camp. I have been looking forward to this weekend before the Peanut was even here.

We weren't able to get to camp until Saturday night. Patrick and I had a wedding on Saturday. Originally we weren't going to take Belle with us to the wedding. My parents were going to take her out to camp and we would meet them out there Saturday night. Friday morning I changed my mind and decided to take Belle with us to the wedding. Of couse she was miserable all Saturday morning. Patrick went to the ceremony and Belle and I stayed home so she could get her 4th nap in for the day. Thankfully she was her normal happy self at the wedding. She was quite and played with her toys the whole time. Such a good girl.

We left at about 6:30 to head to camp. The plan was to come home and while Patrick loaded the truck I would feed Belle her last bottle. Then we would be on the road and get to camp before dark. Ha! Wishful thinking. Belle decided to take an hour to eat her bottle. Not fun! So we reached camp at our original goal of 10 pm. We were trying so hard for 9. Belle slept the entire way down. The first night was tough getting her to sleep. Completely new surroundings that she didn't have time to get use to through out the day. But when she did fall back to sleep she did great. Slept the whole night.

Sunday was hot! Of course Belle woke up at 7:30. We were really hoping for 8 or later because it was such a late night. After breakfast we went into town to see if we could find a life jacket for Belle so she could go on the boat. Of course we found one that Grandma and Grandpa bought. Look at this cuteness!!

She loved the boat. She smiled and laughed and fell asleep. She slept until we reached the restaurant that you can dock at. We just wanted to get some drinks so we went in. Belle drank from a cup for the first time. I had a bottle with us but it wasn't time to eat yet. But I wanted to give her some thing to cool down. We were all in the sun for the last hour. So I got her cup of ice water. She loved it!

So after we all cooled down a bit we got back in the boat and headed back to the dock so my brother could go on the boat. She of couse fell asleep again on the way back. We went back to camp and Belle played in her pnp with all of her toys. She loves it in there. After a few hours she was getting tired again so her and I went and laid down...we both took a nap and woke up around normal bed time. Opps. So we feed her and gave her a bath. Then she hung out in her stroller while we all ate dinner. After dinner we all settled around the fire. Belle and I cuddled. Finally at 10 we took Belle in for bed. She was laughing and playing so we weren't sure how this would work. Within 15 minutes Belle was out and in her pnp. She again slept the whole night. She didn't get up until 8:30 on Monday!

I think the whole weekend caught up with Belle by Monday because she was cranky. I was sun burned. Off topic here, I got sunburned on the boat Saturday. I had on the baby sun block with SPF 50. And still got badly burned! Belle thankfully got nothing. Her arms were a little pink but nothing bad. I also had her covered while on the boat. I think I need SPF 100 or something.

Any ways. We packed up and were on our way home by noon. Belle again slept the whole way home. I slept on and off the best I could. I had to have a blanket on me the whole way home because the sun was on my side of the car. Sun and sun burn don't mix!

We fed Belle as soon as we got home. She played for a bit and got cranky again. She was completely off schdule with us trying to get home and missed a bottle. She normally eats every 4 hours. I think 2 of her bottles were with in 2 hours of each other. She was so tired last night that it took forever to get her to sleep. We did our normal bed time routine at the normal hour. She was exhausted but even the bath didn't help. Every time we laid her down she started screaming. It was after 9 when she finally feel asleep. Sitting up in daddy's arms. I thought she might have been teething. But we still see nothing and feel nothing. She slept the whole night and is perfectly happy today. Although she does enjoy those teethers!!

I wish I took more pictures this weekend. I normally have a ton. But it was so hot that I didn't even think about it. I knew what I wanted to get pictures of but just never took them. Thankfully Patrick got some good ones of Belle on the boat. But that is about it. I already regret it. Hopefully 4th of July I can get some more.

All in all it was a good weekend. Belle did great her first camping trip. She fell off schedule a bit and it caught up with her on Monday, but she is already back on schedule and doing great! Can't waint for our next camping trip!

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  1. She looks so cute in the life vest! Now I want to take JAck boating! She is such a good girl!

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