Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Letters to Myself

Joanna over at Raising Madison is hosting a blog hop this week. Were writing letters to our younger selves.

Dear Angela, (elementary age)

Enjoy these summers. As much as you think your going to be a teacher and have these summers off, plans change and sadly you will be working during your summers. Enjoy this time with your cousins and enjoy these summers with your grandmother. You will cherish these moments and memories for the rest of your life.

Dear Angela, (age 11)

This is your families first big vacation. And what better place to be going then to Disney! Pay attention when you are taking your sneaker off, you really don't want that fat lip. And don't let your brother and father tease you about the rides. They really all don't go under water, backwards, upside down, and in the dark. You will enjoy all of them. And please don't scream on the Earthquake ride and Universal. You will remember all the looks from other riders for years to come.

Dear Angela, (age 12/13)

I know you hate middle school and you feel like it will be forever before you are out of there. I promise that these 3 years will be nothing to you. High school will be amazing and you will meet and have the greatest friends that will leave a lasting impression on you for the rest of your life. These three years won't seem nearly as long once you are in high school and even college. Yes, math sucks, big time. But I promise in high school you will learn to love it and even have 90's in that class.

Dear Angela. (age 13)

While on your 8th grade trip to Washington DC, please remember to set and recheck the alarm so you and your room mates are not awoken to your teachers pounding on the door to wake you. It will save on embarrassment from your other classmates when you are getting on the bus that morning. And really the flight home being canceled is not that big of a deal. Don't be such a drama queen with all the other girls!

Dear Angela, (age 14)

Your first boyfriend. You will learn first love and heart break. It will hurt but you will grow from it and move on. Granite he will not and will continue to show up in your life for years to come even after you are married and with a child. You and your husband will have many a laughs over this.

Dear Angela, (age 16)

This may be the only time I tell you to think twice about the decision you are going to make. Why are you dating this guy? You don't like him and you are better then him. I know you feel sorry for him and you think you need a boyfriend, but you don't. And you really realize that on your senior trip to Cedar Point. Enjoy that trip you'll have a blast.

Dear Angela, (age 17)

You have graduated high school. This will be the summer you gain some freedom and a summer with your friends that you will never forget. You will have a ton of great times and a ton of pictures to document it all. Live it up!

Dear Angela, (age 18)

Your grandmother is going to pass away. It's going to be tough on you as well as your mom. It's going to be tough years down the road. You are going to cry the day of your wedding wishing she was there. Your going to cry when your pregnant and when you have your first child. But she is watching over you every single day. You have memories that you will remember forever and are forever grateful that you had that time together.

Dear Angela, (age 19)

The guy that just started at work...don't be such a dork around him. Your going to marry him.

Dear Angela, (age 21)

Your 21st birthday is going to suck. Big time. But honestly you had an amazing 19th birthday that it's going to make up for it all. Also the little tid bit, your engaged! Wow! He is an amazing man who loves you more then you know. You will spend the next 2 years planning your wedding and stressing on details. Be comfortable in the decisions that you both made together. Have faith in your love for each other.

Dear Angela, (age 22)

Your getting married. You made it through an almost 2 year engagement with a lot of bumps. But you are going to walk down that aisle and have the time of your life. Don't try to rush everything. Take your time and enjoy every little moment. Even the down time. Take more pictures of you and the wedding party and of just you and the Hubs. You will regret not having some of those pictures. Your wedding is going to be more amazing then you think. People will be talking about the beautiful ceremony and the great party for years to come. Enjoy every.single.minute of it.

Dear Angela, (age 24)

Your going to be a mom. Your a little shocked at first but are instantly in love. Your pregnancy is not going to be what you imagined it would be. At all. It's going to be tough and stressful. You will be on bed rest for close to your entire pregnancy. But have faith in yourself. You can do this. You will be amazed at what you can do and the pain you can handle. Be there for the Hubs. He is just as stressed as you are. It will be a tough year but you will both make it though. Stronger then ever.

Dear Angela, (age 25 present)

Your a mom. You have the most beautiful baby girl and you can't remember what your life was like before her. She is your entire world. She is going to teach you so much about life and change you in so many ways. Soak in every moment. All her smiles, and coos, and even her cries. I know it's tough right now and the crying is getting frustrating. But we're going to get through this. This stage will end and she will get back on her normal schedule. You are stronger then you think and that little girl loves you more then you think she does. Love her and cuddle her when she needs you. Let go of the frustration and let life happen. She will sleep when she is ready and you will become even stronger.

Your going through some tough things right now with your father. The cancer is bad and not getting better. Don't give up hope. He's going for a new treatment. Keep fighting with your father. He Your family will survive this.


  1. Great letter! I hope that your father gets better. Keep fighting like you say. Maybe we can all write another letter to ourselves in 10 years.

  2. Isn't it interesting looking back on your younger self?


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