Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hammer's Are For Eating!

Patrick and I took Belle to get some new toys for her Baptism gift. Well we are calling them her Baptism gift, but really, the kid needed some new older toys. She's still playing with toys we got when she was first born. Poor kid.

So we packed her up and headed to Target. Of course I skim through the baby aisles before heading over to the toys. I always manage to find something in the baby aisles that she has to have. And I did. I found another sun hat that is made for swimming and has UV protection. Of course I had to get her another sun hat.

We finally make our way to the toys. We give her some to play with. First was a mailbox toy that sings songs and music. Then she played with a workbench that plays songs and music. We then put them back and let her pick out which one she wanted. The kid went for the workbench. Yup my daughter has her own workbench. But how cute is that!

She loves it. She played with it for a while last night before bed and again this morning while mommy and daddy were getting ready for work. She is so happy with her new toy.

We also bought her a ball spinny popper thing. I really can't explain it and don't have a picture of it. But she wasn't all that impressed when we got home. She can't push down on it yet to make the balls spin and pop.

And we got her a pool. It's a little crab pool that has a sprinkler to it. Were going to set it up this week so she can go in it on Friday. I can't wait to get her in it! I will definitely have pictures of that!

And...don't you know that hammers are for eating....

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