Thursday, April 8, 2010

6 Month Check Up

Today was Belle's 6 month check up and shots. The appointment went so much better then her 2 month and 4 month appointments. I am so glad that we switched to Dr. Lynn. We talked about it after we left today how Dr. Denise just looks at her numbers and charts and doesn't actually look at the patient. Dr Lynn looked at her numbers but also looked at Belle. Belle's head and weight are still on the small side but are steadily growing. Also she has hit all her major milestones. Dr. Lynn said she has great hand eye coordination as well.

6 Month Stats
26 inches long
13.4 lbs
40 in Head Circumfrence
50th percentile for height
5th percentile for weight
and head still not on the charts but growing.

Belle did really well for the entire appointment. She smiled and talked to Dr. Lynn the entire time. She cried for her shots but as soon as they were over and we picked her up she was fine. She even smiled at the nurse when they were all done. She was done crying and fine by the time we went to check out.

She did really well for the rest of the day until about 6:30 when she started scream crying. I made her her bottle and she took it for a minute and started screaming again. I finally got her settled and she took the bottle. I leaned in on her and her head was burning. When she finished her bottle we took her temp. She had a 101.1 fever. Patrick went out and bought some tylenol. She took it like a little champ. By 8:30 her fever had gone down and she is finally asleep in her crib. Poor peanut. She's never developed a fever from her shots and these were the same as last time.

I wanted to get some pictures to post today, but we never got a chance to take any.

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