Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring?? Is that you??

Really?? It was 61* in Buffalo??? Impressive. I am so happy for the nice weather finally. Hopfully it is here to stay and not just teasing us poor Buffalonians. It would be great to finally get out of the house and take Belle for some walks.

Belle is very much appreciative of this wonderful weather as well. We no longer have to stuff her into her hot, heavy snow suit every single time we walk outside. She is enjoing her nice lite sping jacket. No more gloves. She can now reach and grab her toys on her car seat.

Today Belle went for a walk with Grandpa. He strapped her into her stroller and off they went. Two laps around the circle. From the picture that was sent to me...she didn't last long. She was out snoozing away in the stroller. I really wish I could spend these beautiful days outside with Belle. Instead I wait for the weather to really break and we can take her to the zoo.

Off the subject of this beautiful weather that we are having for a moment. Patrick was called back for a second interview today. Were excited but not getting to excited. Definitely have our hopes up and hoping that this works out. It is a big and very good opportunity for him. It would be great for our little family of 3. Hoping for a good day tomorrow.

Please let Spring be here....and to stay!!! Off to go check on the sleeping beauty. No swaddle tonight. Here's hoping!!

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