Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our Little TV Star!

This weekend was Belle's first weekend in a hotel. Besides the fact that she is just to nosey and wouldn't nap very much she did really well. Patrick moved into the Adam's Mark on Friday and Belle and I moved in Saturday afternoon. After a long morning of Belle not wanting to nap and just whining we finally were on our way.

You never realized how much stuff a baby really needs until you pack everything up. We were only away for 2 days and 2 nights. I successfully packed 2 suitcases, a stroller, a laptop, a diaper bag, and Belle's boppy into the equinox. Daddy had already taken the pack and play with him on Friday. We were only there for 2 nights!!!! And I might add, I grossly under packed clothes for her. This weekend was in the middle of her spitting up period.

Any ways, Saturday night was the concert so Belle and I stayed back with Grandpa in the office. We didn't do much as there wasn't much to do since every one was at the concert. Belle was cranky and finally fell asleep in her stroller. She slept there until I took her back to the room at about 10. She then fussed in the pack and play until about 11:30. After that she slept great. Patrick and I crawled into bed at about midnight. It wasn't much later that we had to listen to college kids across the hall yelling and screaming and pounding on doors. I at one point opened the door and stared them down. They had their door propped open. Patrick was just seconds away from calling the front desk when they finally left.

Sunday morning went smoothly. I got up before Patrick, took my shower, and crawled back into bed until he was gone. I then got up and did my hair and make up, got dressed and then woke Belle up. Good thing I woke the sleeping beauty up. She was starting to leak though her diaper. It was 8:00 when I woke her up. She ate, got dressed and we went down stairs to the office. The day went on, she napped on and off in her stroller and wasn't to fussy.

At about 10 to 7 we all headed down to the production floor for the end of the telethon. As we were standing there one of the cameras zoomed in on Patrick and Belle and our little local TV star was born!!! We are so upset that we didn't record the telethon at home cause we didn't get to see the peanut on TV. After the telethon they have a huge dinner with speeches and stuff. We ate dinner and Belle started to get fussy so we headed back to the room where she slept for a bit. Not very long. She woke up and I get her in her bathing suit.

Belle and I headed down to the pool. We walk in and there is no one in there. Yes! The pool to ourselves!! We get into the pool and it's warm, but not as warm as I was expecting. The water just relaxed her and she was in heaven. Just hanging out in mommy's arms loving life. She smiled a few times but really just took everything in. We swam a bit with Jenna and Austin and Grandma came and took pictures.

After we swam we went back to the room and got Belle ready for bed. By then daddy was back and we headed down to the party. We were all exhausted and the party was loud and woke Belle up. We got her back to sleep and hung around for a bit but decided to head back to the room and call it a night. Belle slept great and even slept in until 8:30 Monday morning.

We got home Monday afternoon around 1 and We all took a nap that afternoon, and were in bed early!!! Belle had a great first weekend staying in a hotel. I think we did good. Naps of course didn't go as smoothly but she's just to nosey for her own good.

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