Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Doctor Woes

Belle had her 4 month shots and 4 month check up on Monday. The poor peanut. It was a rough morning. The first thing the doctor did when she came in was remeasure her head. Apparently Belle's head circumference is on the small side. Another thing that is not on the charts. So she wants us to take Belle for a sonogram of her brain to make sure she is developing right where she should be. Even though the doctor said she has hit all the milestones that she should have.
Also, her belly button isn't going to fall off on it's one. The skin has grown over the string they used to tie it off. So we have to have surgery on it. So next Wednesday we are taking Belle for her sonogram and then to have surgery on her belly button.

On a good note here are all her measurements,
Height 24" and her weight is 11lbs 2oz. So she is growing and gaining. She is now in the 30th percentile for her height!

Even after her shots and crying for most of the appointment, they were digging at her belly button :( , she was a pretty happy girl. She got to spend Monday with daddy, and yesterday Mommy was home sick so she spent the day with me.

She went to school today. As always she loved it. This week is Dental Health week so they sang a song about brushing teeth. On Friday they have a Valentines Day party. We have to pick up some Valentines to give to the other babies in her classroom. She has a cute little Valentine's Day dress for her party too. Plus a V-day outfit to wear on V-day.

Our swing broke last week. It was a sad day. Patrick called Graco to see what we can do considering we have only used it for 4 months. They can't do anything unless we have a receipt, so this weekend were heading to Babies R Us so they can print a receipt for us. Thank heaven for registries. On Sunday Peanut is going to her first Daytona 500 party. I'm trying to teach her Joey Logano to say to Grandpa on Sunday. Then on Monday mommy and daddy are going out to celebrate V-day, a day late lol so Grandma and Grandpa offered to babysit.

I don't have many pictures to post between Monday her being kinda out of it and me being sick yesterday so I have one from tonight. I know I'm slacking....

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